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Why are there so Many Different Kinds of Athletic Footwear?

If you are anything like me you are probably wondering, “why are there so many different kinds of athletic footwear?”.  Intuitively I understand that each shoe is made for a specific purpose and there

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Running Indoors versus Outdoors: Benefits, Influences and Trends

I have written about 4 articles now just purely based off of women’s running shoes and how running shoes are engineered these days. In light of running shoes I think that it is important

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My Review of Adidas Super Boost Women’s Running Shoes

My Experiences with Running Shoes In the past I have always worn any pair of good running shoes (in my mind they were good running shoes) I could get my hands on. I never

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Over-Pronation and Arch Support: Some Foot Mechanics Explained

Over-Pronation and Arch Support: Some Foot Mechanics Explained Growing up I always knew that I had flat feet. In high school I had little to no knowledge on how to properly run or what

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Research and Terms Behind Modern Day Running Shoes

First Things First: What is Plantar Pressure, loading and off loading? During my research behind the science of designing and engineering running shoes I came across terms like “plantar” and loading many times. I

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Why Wearing the Right Running Shoes is so Important

I have been running off and on for about 10 years now. I never paid much attention to the kind of shoes I wore running until I had to throw away my completely worn

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