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My Experiences with Running Shoes

In the past I have always worn any pair of good running shoes (in my mind they were good running shoes) I could get my hands on. I never paid much attention to the bio mechanics of our feet and how shoes play a role in that. When I was in high school I sprained my ankle while running in track and field. I had to get special orthopedics made for my flat, over-pronated, feet.

If you read my article you will understand what pronation and supination is. Supination is the lack of an inward roll or a rolling out of the foot during walking or running. This motion, or lack of motion, inhibits the foots ability absorb shock. Also supination is referred to as under-pronation, a foot that supinates needs a soft ride (shoes with a lot of cushion) and quick heel-to-toe transition.

Over pronation is when a foot rolls inward when a person is walking. Neither of these positions is healthy/ natural for a person. A person needs arch support when they walk and run. That’s what I have learned that I have. We just call it flat feet but in reality we are either under or over pronated in our walk and that effects our gait which can create health problems.

Why I got New Running Shoes

I had to get new running shoes because I have been trying to reach certain targets with my running for years and I had a negative experience getting the discounted cheap running shoes. I had a pair of Nikes for a long time and I ran in them so much that they were literally falling apart at the seams. It is funny to me because I know that I am not even an avid runner like some other people.

Since we are on this Topic… Let’s Talk about Running

Now that I think about it I should really write a blog called “The Lazy Runner” because I do enjoy running but I can be lazy about it. Honestly, I have only ever run 5k’s and there are people out there running ultra marathons! In light of that I have to say that I think that we should look at consistency, stamina, and good running form.

I used to just run without thinking about, just like how I used to buy running shoes, and now I realize how wrong that is too. It is important to have a good pair of running shoes and to know the importance of good form during running. The first person/ author that made me have this realization is Danny Dreyer who wrote “Chi Running”.

Once I realized that I was holding my body the wrong way during running and using my legs wrong… as well as my breath and many other things! I was able to start running better and easier … but still I have not made it to that half marathon yet.

I had an experience with a cheap pair of running shoes after my Nikes fell apart. I bought a cheap pair at some store like Payless and at first I thought they were cute and comfortable, just walking around the store. When I got home and went for a walk they hurt my feet like hell.

They rubbed my ankles raw and were just plain uncomfortable. I don’t think that they had any give at all. They were just hard and made of plastic and simple material. When I was looking into more expensive running shoes after that I realized that the more expensive running and athletic shoes are engineered now and certain materials are used in them to create different effects.


Why did I pick Adidas Ultra Boost?


Companies like Adidas, Nike, Underarmor, and more are spending billions of dollars on research for development of their different products they offer. According to Statista in 2017, the Adidas Group spent approximately 187 million Euros on research and development.

I knew after having to get rid of those cheap running shoes that I would have to spend more on a good pair. I got a pass to the Adidas Employee store. I honestly didn’t do a lot of research before going to their store but the employees helped me a lot.

There was an aisle dedicated to womens running shoes only and I tried several of them on. I didn’t know which ones would be the most appropriate for me because there are different kinds of running/ athletic shoes for different activities.

The store employee suggested to me the Adidas Super boost because:

  • The body of the shoe is made of a special type of fabric
  • It’s better for people with little to know arches
  • The lace up area gives the perfect amount of support to your feet
  • There is a lot of give and bounce to the shoes
  • The way the sole was designed it optimal for speed and running
  • There is a part in the middle of the shoe that is like a cut out square and I asked the employee why and he told me that it allows the shoe to flex with your foot.
  • The shoe is breathable because of the fabric.
  • Even the laces are top of the line. They are not that old fabric that they used to use for laces. This lace material is harder, durable and doesn’t absorb like fabric.
  • If these shoes got wet it would take no time for them to dry out
  • They are actually more comfortable to run in than walk or stand!
  • They are best for people without arches or little to no arches

Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash

When I ran in these shoes for the first time it was amazing. I went to the gym and did my normal stretches and exercises before jumping on the treadmill. I have one exercise where I have to flex my feet like a ballerina and it was hard to do that because the shoes are made to be efficiently bio mechanical during running and not dancing/ standing like a ballerina.
When I started running it felt so easy and like the shoe was literally propelling me ! It was the first time I had ever invested in shoes that were engineered specifically for running and that also fit my feet in such a way. I also noticed that the shoes fit like a glove but they give in the back when you are walking which makes it feel awkward. You think they will slip off but the truth is that they adhere to your feet (the type of material the body is made of suctions to you when you put them on).
They are designed for optimal support, comfort and propulsion while running. I highly recommend them if you have little to no arches (over pronation).

Do you have any running shoes that you like?


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